Samstag, 04 Oktober 2014 08:57

Building some Microphones

Ok, DIY is quite a trendy word in the Audio community, more and more overwhelmed by pseudo-half-commercial-diy building kits. Nevertheless there is still some interesting inexpensive buildings around the internet, and we'd like to share two of them.

Mittwoch, 30 Juli 2014 10:36

Sound engineering, DIY and sun!


After almost seven months of radio silence, we felt like it's time to give some minimum online sign of life. No news good news? Well the first five months of 2014 have been pretty intense for sure.

Mittwoch, 08 Januar 2014 18:01

Frohes neues Jahr 2014!

Happy new year you all! We're currently recording with Nadine Maria Schmidt and the place we found for that is really great.



Mittwoch, 27 November 2013 17:00

Fall 2013



It's been a while since we didn't update our site with some news but no worries, we're still there! So what's up?

Dienstag, 09 April 2013 14:23

Screen printing on cassettes

One aspect of Roy de Rats' range of activities that's new to us is cassette tape production. A few months ago, we were still in the early stages of developing our modus operandi, and thus had to find a "cobaye" for our first attempt. Luckily, Lucas aka Antape volunteered to be the guinea pig; armed with this bests braindance beats and primitive-silly melodies, he invited his friend Seth aka Kotekan to join in the fun. We're pleased to announce that the first tape we've produced – and by extension the first one to be released on our label on the 12th of April – is a split cassette featuring two 20 minutes debut EPs

Mittwoch, 20 Februar 2013 10:40

Antape & Kotekan Split Album

Eight months ago, a series of mysterious messages were exchanged in the bowels of the internet, initiating a collaboration which would lead to the creation of a double debut EP, released today in sexy DIY cassette format. We are proud to present our first release :

Sonntag, 17 Februar 2013 10:40

Why in Leipzig ?

We wanted to expand this website with articles about the news of the Roy de Rats' studio, so it's obvious to open this blog section with a further explanation of the project. We will developped it in two parts, following a chronological order. Today, we will talk about the birth of the project and also the reasons that lead us to make it in Leipzig.