What's that?


n the year 2015, we want to develop our activity and propose an option for recording which lies between studio work and live performance. The idea is to let you organize a live recording with a small audience in our studio. We deal with the live sound engineering, the recording, the mixing and the mastering, and we also set up a bar. This way of working has several advantages : it combines the quality of a studio recording with the spontaneity of a live performance, and this at an interesting price.

Conditions and prices


e let you the care of the guests. You can thus set an entrance fee to finance a part of our work. However we would like to limit the number of guests to 40 people for the good of the recording's quality.

Price of this service (live sound engineering, recording, mixing, mastering) : 500€

We also propose this offer without the mixing and the mastering. If you're interested by such an option please get in touch with us for more information.